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Samsung Galaxy Tab A – 32GB

£219.00 inc. TAX


SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ Tablet (2019) – 32 GB

Add more storage with a microSD card. This good-looking tablet is perfect for watching HD content while you’re out and about. The 13-hour battery life means you can squeeze plenty of episodes of your favourite show in before needing to recharge. And the Full HD screen will have you totally immersed.

  • Android 9.0 (Pie)
  • 10.1" Full HD screen
  • 32 GB: Perfect for photos / apps / videos
  • Battery life: Up to 13 hours
  • Widescreen 10.1" tablet is designed for entertainment

    Watch films, shop online, and finally conquer that addictive game – the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is built for entertainment. And because it has a beautiful Full HD widescreen, every episode of your favourite show looks just as it should – no bars on the side or images getting cropped.

    It’s not just the screen that’s built for your favourite films and shows – you’ve got Dolby Atmos sound. That’s the same technology used in cinemas, so you’ve got proper surround sound for every song or soundtrack.

  • 13 hour battery life is built for streaming

    You don’t want to run out of battery mid-Netflix binge. Which is why the Tab A has a 13 hour battery life. And that’s when you’re watching videos non-stop. If you’re just browsing online or listening to a podcast – well, you’ve got all day.

  • Expand your storage to save more stuff

    Gone are the days of deleting photos so you can download more music. You’ve got 32 GB of storage built in, but you can add up to 512 GB (as much as most laptops) with a microSD card. Download away.

    Always trying to coordinate with your family to plan events? Remove the chasing with Family Share. You can connect up to six accounts to keep track of appointments, set reminders and leave important messages.

  • Fun for the kids, without any worries for you

    The Tab A is ideal for younger users thanks to Kids Mode. Along with a colourful and engaging layout, it allows you to limit what your little ones access, with content that will keep children entertained for hours.